Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mount Box Cloud Storage in Ubuntu 12.04

The idea with the 10GB for free and a Nokia phone available to my gf was to exploit the space and the windows mobile client.Unfortunately there is no linux client so here is how to mount the box (davfs) automatically in Ubuntu:
open a Terminal and install davfs2sudo apt-get install davfs2

and reconfigure it:sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2


When prompted with the screen below, select Yes. 


 sudo cp -r /etc/davfs2/ /home/<username>/.davfs2  

and change the ownersudo chown -R <username> /home/barchiesi/.davfs2

edit davfs2 secrets file. This is where your username and password are kept.

emacs -nw ~/.davfs2/secrets

When the file opens, add the line shown below at the end and save. <box_username>  <box_password>

save and close 

sudo emacs -nw /etc/fstab

add the line below at the end (and a blank line) and save the file. /home/<username>/box  davfs  _netdev,rw,user 0 0

Then add your account to davfs2 group.
sudo adduser <username> davfs2

Finally, create the mount point in your home directory where box cloud storage will be mounted.

mkdir ~/box

enojy it


Remember to replace all <username> with your box account username, and <password> with your box account password.

Thanks to Richard from 

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