Tuesday, November 8, 2011

how to extract media from pptx

My nice girlfriend today was at a conference and had as usual troubles with ppt-pptx because of versions of the software installed on the presentation pc - mac

She was sure about a pptx embedding the video / audio files but it suddenly revealed that it is not true on every platform version of ppt software... so I deceided to dedicate few minutes to understand a bit how pptx embedded a file (which came out to be a zip format ;D) and I came out with a easy way to extract anything from it.
Here is how: 

  1. rename the pptx in .zip
  2. open the archive 
  3. search inside the dir which are in the archive and find the file you are searching for.
never found something easier than that ... 

hope this could be of any help for every body
ciao alex barchiesi