Friday, June 3, 2011

how to sync all (or part) of your gcal with your ipod/iphone

today I was setting up a new shared calendar and I thought to write a small tutorial even for my collegues so to make everything as efficient and smooth as possible. Maybe someone else could be interested so I publish on my blog.
  • of course you need a google account (this does not mean that you need to change your address)
  • To setup the sync with your device, follow these few steps:
    • Open the Settings application on your device's home screen.
    • Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select Add Account...
    • Select Other
    • Select Add microsoft exchange Account
    • Enter your account information:  
    •            - In the Email field, enter you gmail address 
    •            - In the Server field, enter
    •            - In the Username field, enter your full Google Account email address.
    •            - In the Password field, enter your Google Account password.
    •            - In the Description field, enter the name you'd like to appear on the account. 
    •            - Select Next at the top of your screen.
    • After you've completed setup, open the iPod/iPhone calendar application and syncing will automatically begin.

  • Import the calendar into your gcal account if it's not one your own calendars or ask the creator to invite your gmail accuont.
  • You can now sync all the calendars (well, up to 25 of them) that the single account can see. Simply visit from your iPod/iPhone to configure which calendars you want to synchronize and that's it.
NOTE You can't sync a work account and a personal account, but if you share the work account's calendar with the personal account, it should be fine.


  1. you can use to sync gcal with your ical if you are a mac user.

    (details here:

  2. the iphone-version 4.3 is not working yet...
    best, Jens

  3. when you visit change language in English US and go on sync. It will work!