Wednesday, September 12, 2012

how to unlock baseband and jailbreak iphone 3g

I had a problem with restoring with Itunes my gf iphone 3g so I decided to give redst0rm a try and here is what you need to do:
  1. best thing would be to try with itunes (+ tinyumbrella as a buffer server with your previously saved shsh if you wish to restore an apple dismissed versiono of iosx)
  2. then if 1. does not work you can download an .ipsw of your choice and use redsn0w 
  3. in redsn0w set the options of your choice and try restoring if the carrier and network do not work go on with:
    1. on the iphone: from cydia download ultrasn0w and reboot the phone 
    2. if 1. does not fix try again with redsn0w upgrading the baseband to ipad one and then retry 1. (details here
  4. (optional) to improve speed from the general menu' find the spotlight search and disable everything
that's it enjoy your new born iphone