Saturday, November 20, 2010

get rid of youtube copyright advice on video sound

After having completed a montage of a nice video with snazzy transitions and audio fading up and down, I learned that youtube does not allows you to share it with anyone due to copyright violation n audio.

Google-ing some infos I found that:

youtube has contracted the services of a company called "audible magic" – an RIAA sweetheart which has developed special sound-recognition software that can identify any copyrighted song

every significant music distributor (and now film and video, too) sends its content to AM to be logged into the database. so AM's database is always up to date with millions and millions of files to compare. AM has (and has continually improved) "fingerprinting" technology that can recognize that content, even if you ripped it at a different bit rate, removed the first ten seconds, or recorded it off a jukebox at a bar

 on Yahoo Answers also pointed out a simple fix: As long as you can fundamentally change the pitch of the background music, you can usually bypass the Audible Magic filter. I used Audacity  did just that. I imported the song I wanted to use, then went into EFFECT –> CHANGE PITCH. Initially I tried changing the song by only -.5 semitones (a half-step), but even that didn't make it past the filter. Changing the song by a full step, though, did the trick.


After making the change, I exported the audio as an MP3 file, then reimported into iMovie. Happily, most of the audio tweaking I'd done (mostly ducking the audio so you can hear the original audio on some clips) was preserved. Once again, I exported the movie file and uploaded to YouTube. This time, my movie made it through intact. Mostly. Yes, the background song is a full note off key, but it's hardly ruined. 

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