Saturday, January 16, 2010

joomla ozio gallery clean left corner

As a joomla user, I wanted to use nice galleries to display photos. I will advise you to use OZIO GALLERY component which is released for free under GPL license from Alex Red a smart Italian guy. There is a word on the botton of the gallery that I did not like that much. It is "Powered By". The developer is very expert and a nice enigmistic. He encrypted this coding in base64 so to skip all the grep-ing geeks: <?php eval(stripslashes(base64_decode('ZWNobyBcJ096aW9HYWxsZXJ5IG\

This is so cute since it's a really complicate way to do something simple that is to say something like <?php echo "Powered By"; ?> and this is why it got my attention...

Following are the steps to change the "Powered By" in somenthing different

1. Goto root folder of the joomla system.
2. Goto to the folder administrator\components\com_oziogallery\css and open it.
4. You will find the file 'ozio.css' and open it an editor.
5. change the encoded line in something that you like using wether base64 command or the web version of it, or simply with an echo.
6. Save the file.
7. Refresh your gallery and voilĂ  its done!!!

CU next time


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